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About Padrinos Burnley

Padrinos creates amazing pizza, burgers and kebabs and we even deliver to a large part of the city. You even have the magnificence of ordering it from our website. You aren’t just limited to pizzas and burgers, you also can get various other amazing fast foods from us. We are known for the great food we make and for the exceptional service and delivery. In the mood to chill with a few buddies and get pizzas, Padrinos lets you have a wonderful time delivering the goodies in a short time. That’s right; you can have high-quality pizzas and burgers with amazing flavours delivered right to your front door within minutes of order. Or if you just want time pass but you are in no mood to go outside, just download our mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and order from the app itself. Our delivery team will reach you at the earliest because we staunchly believe in the punctuality that you probably deserve.

Padrinos Burnley Restaurant

Located in the streets of Burnley, our address is 174 Colne Road, Burnley, BB10 1DY. Being at this location, this is quite easy for us to reach to our customers with their delivery. Also, our customers can find us without any efforts. But, in case, if you miss the track of our restaurant, just go to our website or mobile app that will guide you towards the right place. We are quite unrivalled in the city providing you with the best foods in combination with best services. So, if you really want to have an amazing time, come to us. We’ll guarantee that your taste buds will be definitely excited with the flavours that will run through them.
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